Saturday, May 21, 2016

And it's gutted

 The house is gutted!  So, so much better than the before pictures, not?

Remember the basement before?

Here's the after.  This is the creme de la creme of the project if you ask me!  It was so, so  bad and now it's swept clean!  

We do get water in the basement tho so we have to figure that out and we have to find the septic.  The soil pipe goes straight out of the house about 8ft into a hillside so it must make a turn which has yet to be determined.  We are just praying that there is a septic and not a cess pool.  Time will tell.

No need for a gas mask to enter the house now!

The house will sit this way for awhile.  We are hoping to start the rebuild in the fall but we'll see how that timing goes.  We've been busy drawing houseplans and visiting home improvement stores to get an idea of what is even available for homes now.  Our current home was built in 1998 and much has changed since then.  DH is busy preparing the property for a crop and continues to clear fence rows and clean up around the place.


  1. Y'all have done a marvelous job of cleaning out and gutting. That was always very rewarding to me as we redid this old house. It's dirty work but it's 'process'. Love the open concept. That vanity we talked about was available through Home Depot. I love it too, but it's the tallest vanity we've ever had. Wish we were closer.

  2. Love your updates. I know it will be beautiful when you are finished. Keep posting!