Saturday, April 30, 2016


The last few posts I've talked about all of the work that we've done and have yet to do on the lil piece of paradise we bought.  

Tonight, I want to focus on the true paradise this property is.

These are a few of my favorite things ...

I've always had a fondness for violets in the springtime and this place is loaded with them.  Everywhere and I mean everywhere.  

The apple trees are just starting to bloom.  So pretty and the smell is heavenly.  I love all of the trees and greenery on this property.  At least for now I do until the skeeters and bugs all start buzzing in a few weeks.  

Rhubarb - we have our own rhubarb, people!  Rhubarb!  It's not very big as it's pretty shady where it's planted and we will eventually transplant is elsewhere on the property.  But for now, I have rhubarb!  It's skinny but it's rhubarb!  Did I say we have rhubarb?  Just making sure.  No more robbing my sister-in-laws rhubarb bed.  [note all the violets surrounding it]

and DH's little piece of happiness for our paradise... finally, a bulldozer to push more trees over and clear the fencerows [insert - Tim Allen's tool man chant]  It even has a 4-in-1 bucket.  I'm not sure what that exactly is but it was important that the machine had it so I'm good with that.  ;)  DH is a happy boy!


  1. Hey, I'm happy for you. The next best thing to having acreage is having friends with acreage! I love violets too and seem to have a yard full of them. Eager to see more.