Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miller Camp 2015

We had our 3rd annual Miller Camp last weekend.  Miller Camp is where the grandchildren come for a couple of days and we do crafts, campout in a tent (when the weather cooperates - only one year so far) and take a surprise field trip somewhere.  I started this when we had only 3 grandchildren and now that there are 3 more, I have had to put some restrictions in place to keep it manageable and enjoyable.  They have to be 4 years old and fully potty trained.  Not real tough restrictions but it will definitely help keep me sane. I enjoyed this year the most of any yet.  It seemed much more relaxed and less scheduled.

We started off Saturday morning with our field trip to my cousin's dairy farm.  We arrived just as milking was finished but calves still needed to be fed and the grands were able to help.

 They jumped from round bale to round bale.  It's what we do for entertainment out here in the rural Midwest. ;)

They checked out Mr. Rabbit and chased kittens around.  My cousin also has Bob, a pet raccoon but he was pretty scarce.  I was really hoping the kids could meet him.  Maybe a different time.

I think their most favorite part of the farm was the zipline across the yard from the tree house to the tree.

After the farm, we came back through town, had a picnic lunch at our local park and played for a bit.

Once we arrived home we immediately started on our tshirt project as it would need to dry overnight.  They turned out really cute.  A blue handprint in the corner for the stars and red stripes for the 4th of July!  Thanks to Janet for the idea. 

Can you tell they were looking into a very bright sun.  LOL  Love those expressions! :)

We took a hike down to the creek. 

An indicator as to how far along the corn is has always been "knee high by the 4th of July".  It's taller than Mr. O.!  It really needs some warm weather to produce those ears tho.

The creek is always a fun destination although a bit muddy this trip.

Once we got back to the house, we relaxed and played while the youngest took a nap.

Saturday night, we headed to our local ice cream hangout, Union Dairy,  

on our way to some small town fireworks.

Fireworks aren't complete without glow sticks!

The fireworks were very nice for a small town but the down side was the mosquitoes!  Sweet fancy moses, they were awful!  I knew they were bad as they were buzzing around my head but we sprayed everyone down everywhere but the face.  One would think that would be the right thing to do, not?  I thought so until Sunday morning, when the grands woke up and their poor little faces looked like they had the chicken pox. :(  I felt so bad for them.

Off to church we went Sunday morning and by the time we got home and ate lunch Dad & Mom were back to pick them up.  The time went incredibly fast and it was so much fun.  Now to start checking out ideas for next year's camp.  :)