Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunday drive

Typically this post title would say "Sunday ride" as in on a motorcycle but when we woke Sunday morning it was 40 degrees!  Uhhh, let's see ... think we'll take our Honda with 4 wheels, instead of the Honda with 2!  

We headed north of us 2 hours to Madison, Wisconsin.  We were in desperate need of a Trader Joe's fix.  Yes, for those of you who live in more urban areas, our nearest Trader Joe's is [gasp] 2 hours away!  We don't like everything they have but there are a few things that TJ's is the only place we can get them.
These are a couple of our TJ favorites (and Trader Joes is not paying me for this post).  :)

Best and most inexpensive frozen pineapple around!  We stock up when we go for my morning smoothies.

We love this pizza sauce!  We make alot of grilled pizza in the summer and this works out perfectly ... thick and good flavor. :)

While in Madison, we tried a new place for lunch.  It's right downtown across from the Capitol.  It's called The Old Fashioned.  I had, hands down, the best hamburger I've ever eaten at a restaurant and a salad with a brandy viniagrette dressing.  So yummy!  DH had the walleye sandwich with their warm, homemade potato chips and said it was really good but my burger was better. :)   We'll definitely go back. [sadly, I didn't take pictures of our meal which is very unlike me].  

We took a round about way coming home looking for a tunnel that son and daughter-in-law, J&H, told us about last summer.  It's an old railroad tunnel built in the late 1800's along a bike trail near New Glarus, Wisconsin.  We were able to find it and if you park along Tunnel Road, it's only a half mile walk back to it.  

  It was a nice afternoon for a walk, cool and not too buggy yet.

The tunnel curves so be sure to bring a flashlight as it gets really dark for a bit.

but there is light at the end of the tunnel. :)

If you're in the area, it would be a nice little walk or if you're into biking, it looked like a great trail ... not too rocky, smooth and fairly level.  I asked DH if he would ever be interested in renting a couple of bikes and riding the trail.  He looked at me like I had a third eye in the middle of my forehead so I took that as a "no".  LOL

...and that's how we roll.  

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  1. I have never been to Trader Joe's. You know where I live, so I'm not even sure where the closest one is. I sure love fresh pineapple tho, and we eat a lot of those. Interesting tunnel. I got a new bike last Fall and can't find anyone to ride with me. Handyman says I can't keep up with him. :D