Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Barns and Midwest sunsets

If you followed my old blog you already know I have a love and fascination for old barns. 
This particular barn is just a half mile down the road from us and has provided the back drop for many sunset photos. Tonight was no exception. 

The beauty of the Midwest.  

Love how this represents the old and new ... old rickety barn in the foreground and grain elevator and grain leg in the far background.


  1. Your photo is lovely. I was able to tap on it ang enlarge it to take in all the elements. Took a drive with a friend yesterday to Springfield and enjoyed the vast farmland along I55. Our area here is just beautiful too. Wondering what all this rain will do to the corn tho I didn't see any fields flooded. I woke up to a wonderful 58 degrees this morning!

  2. I love sunset photos - that picture is really something. Thanks for sharing it with us!