Sunday, June 7, 2015

After the rain helmet-cam

It's been raining here on and off most of the day which isn't very conducive to a motorcycle ride. :(  Finally, late this afternoon, the sky cleared and the sun shone.  We knew it was going to be short-lived as there are more storms expected yet this evening so we jumped on the bike and took off while we could.  Everything looked so green and lush right now after all the rain.  Just gorgeous!  

Disclaimer:  Most all of these picture were taken from the back seat of a moving motorcycle which we lovingly call our "helmet-cam."  I prop the camera on top of DH's helmet and take a picture. :) 

I've always loved this old stone barn.
The people that live here keep the place neat as a pin.
Such a pretty farm!

We like to take gravel roads after it has rained, no dust and we don't tend to pick up the rocks like we would other times.
Note the painted railroad viaduct.
I made sure not to take a close-up so I can keep this blog G rated. 
I really don't mind the paint back here on the backroads (I may or may not have painted a viaduct back in the day) but wish they didn't have to be so vulgar.
Do people paint viaducts and bridges in your neck of the woods?

A few wildflowers along the way.

Corn is growing

Soybeans are popping up

Wheat is heading out.

The old windmill on the hill was so pretty against the blue sky and clouds.

We saw the clouds rolling in again and decided it was time to head for home.

We took a chance and made a stop at our favorite ice cream shop.  We shared a cone.  Isn't that romantic?  NOT!  We shared because neither one of us should be eating it so if we share we eat less, right?  My scoop was on top -- Mint Chocolate Chip!  :)  DH finished with Butter Pecan and his traditional waffle cone.  Our local shop has the best!

Really getting cloudy now so we're glad to be on the home stretch.  
We made it without a drop.   

Thanks for riding along with us!  


  1. We only had rain early morning, then it cleared up, but it was HUMID...just horrible. No riding for us. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  2. We got hammered with rain all day yesterday. Lots of thunder and lightening too. It was lovely! My yard really needed the moisture and God's is so much better than what comes out of my hose. We need a nice weekend drive somewhere. I'm gettin pretty tired of woking on this ol' house.!!!

  3. I loved riding along through the country with you. I live by the sea and we don't have much of that kind of stuff around here....we do have ice cream though...yum.