Friday, June 12, 2015

A space of my own - part 2

If you'd like to read about what this area was previously used for and how MY new space came to be, check out yesterday's post.

I've coveted desired my own sewing, crafting, quilting, painting space for more years than I can remember and it has finally become a reality.  [sigh  :) ]

It's not fancy but very bright, roomy and functional for me.  Here's a peek into my little haven...

My sewing station

 I love this little nook tucked away in the dormer.  DH rehabbed this old metal cabinet two years ago for Christmas.  This is where I do painting and papercrafting.  We had a number of old feedsacks.  I utilized a few of those as valances and curtains in this new area.

This is one of my favorite parts.  
Our television sat in this cubby but now it houses tubs of fabric.  :)

In the second dormer, I used a set of old shutters to hang my quilting rulers on.  The picnic basket on the floor in front of it was my parents picnic basket.  :)

DH made this cutting table for me out of two old sewing machine treadles.  I love that they don't match.  He cut the tabletop specifically to fit my large cutting mat.  You can also see the feedsack curtain tier on the right and the stretched feedsack on a canvas on the left.  The white cabinet houses a few collectible tractors as a compromise to share the space with DH. ;)

An extra table to layout quilt pieces, watch a DIY youtube video, or for the grands to work at. Our church was throwing out the old piano bench so I scarfed it up.  Not sure what I'll really do with it but it seems to fit in my space.  The two small doors are storage areas that we added to the plan when we built the house.  One is full of "everything Christmas" and the other has miscellaneous "shtuff" in it. 

And no sewing area is complete without a basket of mending.  Ahem, I'm not a mender, never have been.  My idea of darning socks is saying "darn it" and throwing them in the trash.  The bag on top was recently dropped off by my son when I wasn't home with a follow-up call saying there were two work pants; one needing a button and one needing a zipper.  I reminded him that I don't mend.  He said whenever I get to it is fine, not quite taking my no as a no.  Ha!  I'll put it in the que right behind a sweatshirt of my own that I really liked but still haven't fixed two years later.  I'm thinking he better mend them himself or buy new pants.  :) 

I've waited a long time for my own space and now I have it just in time to downsize to a smaller home but that's a whole other blog post.  For now, I'm going to enjoy it and try and carve out time to utilize it.


  1. I see we share the same ideas about mending. You sure got moved in and comfy in a hurry. You many not want to leave home so often! Have all kinds of fun.