Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welcome to the new!

Welcome to my new blog, Back Porch Ramblings!  

After months and months of attempts, I've given up and cried "Uncle" in getting my old blog Mountain Woman At Heart to function correctly for me.  So, what does one do when that happens??   Do-over and start a new one! :)

If you'd like to check out what I've posted over the past years, you can go here and read all about it ...  or you can just start here in my new location. 

I started blogging in 2008.  That was 579 posts ago!  I used to blog quite often until life took over and I kinda, sorta lost inspiration.  I felt like I had already said everything there was to say so there wasn't anything new.  I was also on Facebook and it filled the void of blogging with an ability to post a quick snapshot, connect with people and move on to the rest of my day.  Let's face it, Facebook doesn't require a ton of thought to post.  It's a quick soundbite.  I used to put pressure on myself while blogging that I couldn't post that quick little something but that it had to be a full on article. Yea, I was crazy like that.  

In the last months, I've found I do miss the blogging and am attempting to get back in the swing again.  If you are a follower of my old blog, you know I've said this before as many of us do but I mean it this time.  Right?  This all being said, in the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'm baaacccckkk!"  And the few followers that I likely have left all said "Yea!". LOL   

I may only post a quick picture or I may post a longer article to get what is on my mind or in my heart out as ink on paper, so to speak.  I've decided I can't put the pressure on myself that each post has to be "something" because technically this space is more for me to refer back to what has happened in my life than anything else.  The friends I have met along the way are the bonus, kind of like a "snow day".  I've always seen a "snow day" as a bonus day, a gift from God of time I didn't plan on having.  For those of you not from states who receive snow days ... we rarely have a time here in the Midwest when everything shuts down due to weather.  We've become a culture of "we have places to go and things to do".  Stay home from work because of the weather?  Nevah!  But once in a great while, the snow or ice is so frightful, it's not an option.  I love those days!  I always have.  Those are bonus days much like you, my faithful blog followers, have been to me, a bonus of blogging.  When I started this journey, I never expected to make the friends I have through it.  It's been a ride that I am now ready to continue.  I hope you'll join me once again.

So for now .. thanks for stopping by and look for more posts to come.

See ya real soon!